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Alaska Customers

Special Steps for Alaska Delivery

In order to view and order PRIME Ammo an account with us is required.


Create your account and enter your shipping / billing address.


After you have created your account please sign out ( THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Now, sign in ( again in order for the special account properties to be set.

Our system will automatically tag your account for the special Alaska pricing. All the products you see will have shipping combined into the price of the ammo. Upon checkout the regular FedEx shipping will be zero'd out.

The main menu on the site should change from this...

Regular Main Menu

To this...

Alaska Main Menu

How Alaska Shipping Works

Finally the 49th state can order PRIME Ammo. Now, twice a month PRIME Ammunition will deliver some of the finest ammo in the world to a distribution point centrally located in Anchorage.

As a customer you will place your order by one of the dates below, then pick up your ammo on the corresponding delivery date at Bills Distributing in Anchorage. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PRIME AMMO INVOICE / RECEIPT AS PROOF OF PURCHASE. 

This is how PRIME cuts out the middle man, and passes the savings on to you. Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email, followed by an email the day your order ships reminding you of the date and location of your pick up. Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase, and receipt will be included in you order.

Order and corresponding delivery dates:

Order prior to

Pickup on

August 18 September 1
September 1 September 15
September 15 September 29
September 29 October 13
October 13 October 27
October 27 November 17
November 17 December 1
December 1 December 15
December 15 December 29

Anchorage Delivery Location

Bills Distributing

7830 Schoon St

Anchorage, AK 99518

See Google Map

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