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I wanted to write a quick note and share about my success with your ammo this last weekend at a local match I took part in, my first PRS-style match and only the 5th time I had shot my rifle! I had previously bought a case of 6.5 Creedmoor ammo from you and held onto it for just the right time to use it. I have yet to reload for my rifle and wanted to not have to factor in that learning curve while still understanding how to shoot long range. I decided to unbox each of the 10 boxes and weight sort each cartridge to get an idea of how much of a spread each cartridge might be. I had previously done this with another manufactures ammo of similar quantity but was blown away when 90+% of the case were within 3 grains of each other. When I went to get a baseline for velocity over my chronograph I took 5 rounds that represented both edges of the lot as well as some in the middle so I could figure out the average velocity for my ballistics calculations. I was amazed that there was only around a standard deviation of 20fps! The competitor was easily in the 50's with an extreme spread of 140fps!

At the competition with temps in the low 30s and sustained winds of 15+ with gusts to 25 per my kestrel I was able to effectively hit targets out to 1075 yards and never ran into any issue with the performance of the ammunition. If this ammo can perform in those conditions I would have no issues using it in more favorable conditions with even better results. If I am ever in a pinch for ammo before a competition I would not hesitate to pick up another case of PRIME to use as I would have complete confidence in its ability to perform, allowing me to focus more on the competition itself and less on the components I am using.

Thanks for making a great product at a competitive price and allow those of us that are just starting out the ability to compete with others that have more time and resources at their disposal. I also was very surprised when I got a call from Jim after I had placed my order thanking me for ordering from PRIME and that he valued my business, another example of the great customer care and value I felt when ordering. I ended up finished 2 out of 18 people at my first real event on the long range portion, the same cannot be said for the carbine element that hurt my overall standing due to errors in my reloading .223 too long to fit into my mags, I guess I am going to need to buy PRIME .223 next time!!!

Eric Simplot

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