At this stage of my life I enjoy patronizing a company who not only sells a great product, but more importantly one who provides outstanding customer service. As the old motivational saying goes "if you do not take care of your customer, someone else will"!

Walt Wilkinson recommended your product to me and I sought you out. From the outset you personally provided me with over the top treatment. Therefore, I purchased a quantity of your .308 (175 grain) and .338 LM. Upon receiving the shipment it was packaged perfectly. No sagging boxes with loose rounds rattling about like many of your competitors ship out.

I used your product for my Gunsite courses this past April. I spent 11 days going through both the PR-7 and extreme long range courses. During that period I expended roughly 500 rounds of PRIME .308 and 200 rounds of PRIME 338 LM. I found PRIME ammunition to be of high quality, very reliable and of great importance extremely accurate.

Under the the expert tutelage of Cory Trapp and Walt Wilkinson my team mate (Russ B, who was my "spotter") was able to direct my fire using your product to effectively engage targets from 100-2000 meters. In point of fact out of a class of six there were only 3 hits at that elusive 2000 target. Two of those were mine utilizing your .338 LM PRIME Product!

I very much look forward to doing more business with your firm in the future. In the meantime I am spreading the good word to my small circle of acquaintances. They in turn are placing orders of your product line. It has been said that the best form of advertisement is "word of mouth"!

Please pass on my gratitude to your entire team.

Mike M.

2000m with PRIME .338 Lapua Magnum