August 26 and 27 was the first weekend for rifle Mouflon hunting that we drew tags on. We got there on Friday and set up to hunt on Saturday. We got to the hunting area early that morning and of course my son forgets his shoes. This is after I had been asking him, “Do you have everything? Are you sure? Are you completely ready?” But, he’s 13 years old and thinks he's the boss and Dad can’t be smarter than him. Without shoes, we can’t go far or else risk stepping on Kiawe thorns, but socks and slippers it is so we didn’t go more than 50 yards from truck and sat down. We’d been talking about how we prepped for this and now, being so close to the truck we probably won’t see anything. I went on and on like every disgruntled dad would be if his son forgot his shoes. Suddenly, he turns and says "There! Sheep!!!" I said, “take the shot!” but by that point he didn’t have it. Saturday morning passed and turned through to Saturday evening and we saw nothing after that first single sheep.

Sunday morning, he was prepared. I put my .260 away and concentrated on getting him a shot at a sheep. Again, right off the bat, he sees a sheep at first light. And as he lines up for a shot, I catch a really nice ¾ curl ram out of the corner of my eye. I calm him and coach him to the ram which was 254 yards out. He sends the round, but with the gusty wind the bullet goes right about 1.5'. He was upset as he could see the horns. I assured him there will definitely be more. Sure enough, shortly after the first, another ram presented itself. This one at about 318 yards. Again I calm him, and we get on target and he sends it only to miss just over the back. Now he's more upset and so am I. I want my boy to get a nice ram!


Throughout the rest of the day we see a bunch of ewes and then he takes one perfectly at 303 yards, DRT. That brought his hopes up a bit, but the pics of ram horns and the misses still bugging him. I let him know its ok, and with all the other hunters out pushing game around that it’s a difficult day, especially for his first hunt. We waited and waited and we suddenly see a non-typical ram ranged at 348 yards. You could just see it through the sticks in the trees. I ask if he can see it, and he answers, “just barely”. I ask if it’s enough for him to put a bullet though he replies, “yes”. I say, “send that PRIME .338 Lapua in through the opening and we’ll be eating!”. Your 300gr .338 bullet at that range is devastating. My son’s first ram dropped right there! Ribs on the barbeque that night!