Saturday July 22. Racine, Wisconsin. Mid 80's, humid.

Overall it was a very fun match. My PRIME Ammo went exactly where it was supposed to. I know when I enter info into my Kestrel, that the PRIME is going to go right where I set the crosshairs as long as I do my part. I am very happy with how it performs.

My gear. Accuracy International AT, 24" .260 REM barrel with Silencer Co Harvester. Atlas bipod with either rubber feet or spikes. Vortex Razor gen 2, 4.5-27 MRAD in a Spuhr mount. SAP 2 round holder, Sidewinder Python DOPE holder, Armageddon Gear suppressor cover, TAB Gear rear bag, Gamechanger, Armageddon Gear large bag, Kestrel 5700 Sportsman.

On Wednesday I made a trip to the range to verify my speed and dirty the barrel after a light cleaning. I let a friend of mine do most of the shooting since she is new to this. Verified speed was where I was used to it being.

Saturday we started with a safety brief and got down to business. The way this range is laid out, we were divided into two squads of around 12 shooters. There would be two stages at 300, 400, 500, and 600.

The first stage we shot at 300 was a barricade stage. 10 shots from 5 positions, but no Gamechanger bags allowed. My score was a 9/10. I used my TAB bag under my rifle and tried to use the large Armageddon Gear bag on the lower positions. I tried to "trap" my rifle as best I could like I have seen guys do in other PRS shoots.

Stage two was a strong side, weak side shoot. 10 rounds, 10 points. Start mag in bolt back. Drop to prone and shoot the target. Bolt back, get up and hop over a 2x4 set up on two milk crates and drop to prone on weak side and shoot using weak eye, shoulder, hand, etc... Atlas with spikes held nice in the dirt and TAB bag did good helping me get elevation. I went 7/10 but ran out of time on this stage.

Stage three was at 400 yards. This was 10 rounds and 10 points. Take two shots off one level of the barricade, then pick a different level of the barricade and take two more shots. Run 15 feet to your right, drop prone and take two shots. Run another 15 feet right and shoot off the second barricade just life the first. I got a 6/10 on this one. I used the Gamechanger and the Armageddon large bag and tried to trap the rifle on the barricades as best I could. Prone was spikes on the Atlas and TAB bag.

Stage four was the tires of pain at 400yds. There are 5 sets of tires at two different heights. Shoot one target off the lower tires and a different tire off the higher tires. I again got a 6/10 on this stage. Took the bipod off and ran the rifle right on the Gamechanger to try and make it easier when throwing all that stuff in the middle of an upright tire.

Stage five was the "boat" or floating platform stage at 500yds. I only got a 4/9 which is silly since I built the boat. Start behind the platform and climb on. Toes must be on the platform, not hanging off. Shoot three rounds and get off the platform, run 5yds back and touch a cone. Run back and hop on the barricade and shoot three more. Hop off, run back and touch the cone, run back to the platform for your final three shots. I was very rushy and did a poor job of timing the movement of the boat.

Stage six was the rooftop stage at 500yds. Start 5 yards back. Mount the rooftop and take five shots. Then get prone next to the rooftop and go left to right on the swingers, hit or miss move on. I did well and got an 8/10 on this one. Shots 1 and 6 were lost to the wind which had not really been a factor up until now. I saw where both went and used the reticle to hold over for wind to hit the rest. On the roof I used the Gamechanger, and sat side-saddle and used the Armageddon large bag on my knee to support the rear of the rifle.

Stage seven was Russian Dolls at 600yds. Start prone, mag in bolt back. Engage IPSC targets of decreasing size, hit to move on. I got an 8/10 on this stage. Bipod spikes and the TAB rear bag did good to keep me on target. Shot one was a bad wind call, but I saw where it went so I was able to correct and only missed one after that.

Stage eight was the Chaos Drill. Set your scope to 100yd zero. Three targets, one at 560, one at 600, and one at 650. Using holdovers, engage the closest target with three shots, then the middle target with three, and then the far target with three. This one I knew where the wind was and went 9/9 using my holdovers.


Aaron's AARAccuracy International AT, 24" .260 REM

Accuracy International AT, 24" .260 REM