Rifle is a custom Remington 700 .223 of course, built by Crescent Customs, Manners TF1A stock, Nightforce 4-16 F1 atacr, barrel was contoured and setup for Allen Engineering AEM5 suppressor so I'm running one those, Cole-Tac HTP cover on the can, Red Tac rear bag, Harris Bipod up front. Just a fun little rifle to practice with. I honestly haven't had chance to shoot any paper groups with the 77's yet, I've just got some popper targets and a walking one setup right now staggered at varying distances from around 100-200 yards. Basically little trigger therapy/stress relief when time allows.

Having said that, I always shoot match ammo, I don't reload as I barely have the time to shoot yet alone start with that nonsense lol. So having a source for quality ammo available at a decent price is a win win. I'd been wanting to try PRIME's 77s, so I ordered 4 boxes on that buy a case free shipping promo you had while back, (picked up another case 6.5 Creedmoor!)  Went thru 40 rounds that evening of pic, not a single miss or issue with ammo. (yeah I know wasn't that far out but heavy popper at 200+ don't pop with .223 lol) I get a chance to shoot groups I'll send ya an update, maybe this time next year!

I will say PRIME has damn good customer service IMHO, Jim called me and thanked me for the order my first time couple years ago, and a gal called me this time and left me a message, never had any other place do that. Its a nice touch.

Thanks again